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The Cultural Resource Fund (CRF) supports Tribal and State cultural and historic preservation projects for eligible grantees. The CRF was created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and seven Class I freight railroads involved in the construction of Positive Train Control (PTC) poles. The MICA Group was selected to manage and administer the CRF, to be distributed in three phases of funding. Since the CRF was initially funded in early 2015, MICA has awarded and distributed 322 grants totaling almost $6.5 million to 235 Tribes and SHPOs in the first two phases of CRF grants. For additional background information on the CRF, click here.

Eligible Tribal Nations and State Historic Preservation Officers will be invited to submit applications for the third phase phase of grant funding. For more information, click here.

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Videos now available from Pathways to Fluency language gathering!

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Pathways to Fluency:

Cultural Survival Through Language Revitalization 

Dec 12 – 15, 2016

Isleta Casino and Resort, Albuquerque, NM

A dynamic gathering of voices developing successful practices and strategies to help Tribes navigate the pathway to Native Language revitalization.

View Agenda and Video links here

Download the Program here

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The CRF Advisory Board and Staff conducted a facilitated listening session for the Pathways to Fluency Gathering at the 2016 International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums in Phoenix, AZ.
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Cultural Resource Fund Stories

Phase 2 Grants

The CRF Advisory Board is very happy to announce that 87 Tribes and SHPOs received funding in Phase 2. Following is a list and brief summary of the funded projects.

Ak Chin Indian Community
Ak-Chin Language Survey

This project will develop a language survey, the results of which will be entered into a language database. Community members will conduct the survey. The results of the survey will identify levels of language fluency. The survey results will be presented to the community. The data collected will be used to inform the development of language classes that will be held in the Tribe’s new Cultural Center.

Blackfeet Tribe  
Emergence of the Blackfeet Cultural Landscape: A Survey of Early Sites

The Blackfeet Tribe will study ancient Blackfeet sites. The Tribe believes history has mischaracterized the length of time their ancestors have been in Montana. Co-­‐investigation will be with University of Arizona archaeologists with whom Tribe has worked for many years. The findings are expected to make a significant contribution to archaeological research and will be published with full support of the Tribe.

Burns Paiute Tribe
Preserving Our Wadatika Yaduan (Wadatika Language) for the People

This language preservation project will capture the verbal pronunciations of thousands of Northern Paiute words and phrases as spoken by the Wadatika Band of Northern Paiutes. Fluent Paiute Speakers within the community will be paired with Language Research Technicians trained in digital recording technology. The digital language recordings will be used in a wide variety of software applications including a Wadatika Yaduan “app” that will be available for language learning activities.

Caddo Nation   
Caddo Nation Heritage Archives, Library, and Museum Management Plan: Cataloguing, Inventorying and Documentation

The Caddo Nation’s archives are deteriorating and have been neglected for years. This proposal will recreate some cultural materials, safeguard others and allow for future expansion of the archives, library, and museum collections. New computers, hard drives, software, and a security system will be purchased. Electronic copies of documents will be created to preserve the collection and make it accessible for future generations.

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